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was founded on the initiative and under the patronage of the Božidara Milića Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor’s family and Montenegro University, Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica.

Reason for the award

An award named after an Architect and Urban Planner Božidar Milić Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor, was founded with the aim to encourage, develop and promote critical theoretical thought in the field of Architecture and Creativity in Architecture, Urbanism, Spatial planning, Architectural heritage protection, as well as the Teaching improvement in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The evaluation criteria is established in Montenegro, as well as at the international level.  

Award categories,

Božidar Milić award consists of three awards (from all areas in which the work of Božidara Milića Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor was reflected):

  1. Published book or Critical-Theoretical texts from the Architectural domain, Urbanism, Spatial Planning or the protection of Architectural heritage, as well as in the field of Teaching improvement in Architecture and Civil Engineering (Textbook).
  2. Realized Architectural Work and / or Urban plan
  3. Student work created within the curriculum, by participating in public, or as a result of own research on a particular topic.

Božidar Milić Award Board consists of representatives of the founders and one sponsor representative as following:

✦ Svetislav G. Popović, Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor – UCGAF (president)

✦ Igor Vušanović, Ph.D., Professor, founder, University of Montenegro representative

✦ Saša Popović, Ph.D., Professor, founder, University of Montenegro representative

✦ Marta M. Vukotić Lazar, Ph.D. in Art History, Professor–representative of the family founder

✦ Jovo Popović, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, MA – representative of the family founder

✦ Dušan Vuksanović, Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor – MORT

✦ Danilo Gvozdenović, B.Sc. in of Laws, Chamber of Commerce representative

✦ Filip Aleksić, B.Sc. in Arch.– Capital of Podgorica representative

✦ Igor Milošević, B.Sc. in Arch. –Municipality of Bar representative

✦ Aleksandar Dajković, B.Sc. in Arch., MA

✦ The Ministry of Culture representative

✦ Marko Stjepčević, B.Sc. in Arch.– SACG representative