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Božidar Đ. Milić, Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor

Božidar Milić Ph.D has been a role model for us since we all learned, and we will always question whether we have learned. We must not forget what he always drew our attention to: to be diligent, to be responsible, to be professional and above all to be honest.
dr Vladimir Bojković
Božidar Đ. Milić, Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor, Architect and Urbanist, Montenegro University Professor was born on November 21, 1927. in the village of Limljani in Crmnica, the Bar Municipality. Hisparents were, father Đuro and mother Stana (born Popović). He finished primary and secondary school in Bar and Titograd. He completed his Architecture studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 1959. In October 1988, he had defended a Doctoral Dissertation thesis with title ”Urban and Architectural heritage of Montenegro in the function of development, with special reference on historical development and development perspectives of the Cetinje” at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and earned the title of Doctor of Architectural Sciences. He was a Full Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Podgorica and also an active member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Montenegro. After returning from studies in 1959, he became a scholarship holder of the Titograd Municipality. In that period, he was mainly engaged in Spatial, Urban planning and Architectural Design. In the period from 1961 to 1969, he worked at the Institute of Urbanism of the city of Titograd, on the position of Manager, the Chief Urbanist and Architect Designer of the Institute, under whose direct professional work and planning one part of the Architectural objects were finished and the General Urban plan of the city of Titograd in 1964. This was the first Urban plan made in Montenegro, organized by Montenegrin planners, as well as a number of detailed Urban plans and Studies. He conducted the Urban and Communal regulations of the city of Titograd from 1960 to 1971. From 1969, he worked at the Republic Institute for Urbanism and Design, as the Chief Engineer of the Institute and the Leading Planner and Architect Designer. He was the Leading Planner in the "South Adriatic" Project – with UN assistance. After the catastrophic earthquake that happened in Montenegro in 1979, he was elected as a member of the Government –the Executive Council of the Parliament in the Federal Republic Montenegro, as Minister of the newly established Republic Committee for Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Residential and Communal Affairs. He held this position from 1979 until his arrival in 1986, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Montenegro University. The Ministry, among other obligations, coordinated the development of Spatial and General Urban plans for all Municipalities in Montenegro and development of the Spatial plan of Montenegro, which have been successfully completed. At the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Titograd he was elected as the Senior Lecturer in 1982. In 1986 he established a permanent employment relationship at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and in 1989. he was elected for the Full Professor position. While teaching at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and later at the Faculty of Architecture, he performed Architectural Design and Urbanism on following subjects: Buildings Elements, Design of Residential and Public buildings, Health Building Design and Commercial Building Design. He was the head of the Department of Urbanism, Architectural Design, Building Construction and Descriptive Geometry.
Important Urban plans that have been implemented include the General Urban plan of Titograd, adopted 01/15/1965, after whose adoption the author was awarded with the Award of the Liberation of Titograd for 1965. He is the author of the General Urban plan revision from 1974, with his associates. He was the Manger and Main Planner of the Spatial plan of Northern Montenegro in the South Adriatic Project (UN Assistance Project, 1970), and a large number of Detailed Urban plans in Podgorica and other cities in Montenegro.
In the field of Architecture and Urbanism, he has written over 50 scientific and professional papers, which have been published in the domestic professional publications. He is the author of a dozen scientific research projects. He has published the book entitled “Standards in Urban planning“ (1964), ”Tertiary activities in the development of General Urban plans” (1969), and ”Elements and Constructions of buildings”, a University Textbook in two volumes (1999) for students of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He is the Author of a Monograph about earthquake from 1979. He is the author of several important works in the field of Urbanism and Architecture in the Art Encyclopedia of Yugoslavia (1984) and the Encyclopedia of Montenegro. He is the co-author of the book ”Architecture on the territory of Yugoslavia” (1986). He has written and published over 40 professional papers and expertise. He is the author of over fifty Spatial, General and Detailed Urban plans and Urban projects implemented in the territory of Titograd and Montenegro. He is the author of over 20 Architectural projects in the field of Residential and Public buildings accomplished on the territory of Montenegro, and especially Podgorica. He has mentored numerous graduates, masters and doctoral students at the Faculties in Podgorica, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana.  During his professional career, he has collaborated with numerous social and economic organizations in Montenegro, Yugoslavia and Europe.
For his professional work, he received seven awards at Public, Federal and Republican Architectural competitions, five plaques, two public recognition’s and a fewpraises; Borba Award and Titograd Liberation Award. He received the Golden Plaque „Boris Kidrič” from Association of Technical Cultures of Yugoslavia; Union of Municipalities of Montenegro Plaques for contribution to the development of inter-municipal cooperation in the field of planning and communal activities; Plaques of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Podgorica for contribution in Faculty development, as well as plaques and gold coins on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, for contribution in Faculty development.

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Of the realized architectural buildings, the most important